Complaints & Appeals

A decision by the Journal of Nursing Reports in Clinical Practice (JNRCP) may be appealed by the author by sending an email to the editor that includes a thorough, point-by-point response to the reviewer's and editor's comments. The Editor will evaluate the submission's peer review procedure. The Editor's decision to reject is final if it was made following editorial standards. Within 7 business days, JNRCP will acknowledge receipt of emails addressed to Each manuscript is limited to one appeal. The member of the Editorial Board in charge of the paper or the Editor-in-Chief will render a final judgment on appeals within 4–8 weeks.
In general, an appeal against a rejection decision for a manuscript will only be taken into consideration if the following conditions are met:
A. The authors can show that a reviewer's or the editors' error during the review process led to the final decision being incorrect.
B. Significant additional data can be provided.
C. A convincing case of bias in the process can be shown.


The Editor-in-chief of this journal will deal with complaints in the first instance about our procedures or publication ethics. Please contact our Ethical Editor (Amir Emami Zeydi) at if the Editor-in-chief is the target of the complaint.
The result will be sent to the author via email. The author can get in touch with COPE directly if they want to take their issue further. The COPE website has information that can be found: